First Aid and CPR Classes in Edmonton

First Aid and CPR Classes in Edmonton

First Aid and CPR Classes in Edmonton

The largest, lowest priced, best reviewed and most popular provider of Alberta OH&S approved first aid and CPR classes in Edmonton is Edmonton First Aid. This provider has been offering workplace approved training programs since 2009 with its main training facility located in Old Strathcona which is just south of Whyte Ave. Prices are the lowest in Edmonton and customers can register via telephone, email and on-line. Knowledgeable and friendly customer services representatives are available to take your call, answer your questions or help with your registration. Private training is also available for groups of any size, businesses, companies or charitable groups (ask about special pricing for charities). This provider offers the popular workplace approved courses such as emergency, childcare and standard first aid. It also offers stand-alone CPR and AED training for participants that don’t want first aid certification. Other available courses include safety training such as WHMIS, TDG, fire safety and H2S Awareness. Food safety certification are also provided at the Old Strathcona training centre. To register for any of the above mentioned programs or to register for first aid and CPR classes in Edmonton click the link below or use the contact details provided.

A complete list of classes and schedules are available on the Edmonton First Aid website.

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Edmonton First Aid

Contact Information

Telephone: 780-809-0829
Address: Suite 200 7915 – 104 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

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Wide range of classes

Edmonton First Aid offers a number of different training and stand-alone CPR classes, private first aid and / or CPR classes, and refresher courses. Stand-alone CPR classes have three levels: A, C, and HCP, non-inclusive of first aid training.

Training classes use the 2010 Basic Life Support (BLS) guidelines made by the American Heart Association as guide in teaching the CPR and AED pathway. Recent studies show that there is an increase in survival rates with immediate chest compression’s within the first 3-5 minutes after collapse. This is part of the latest BLS guidelines taught in all CPR training levels.

Other stand-alone classes like food safety and pet first aid are also offered to trainees. Edmonton First Aid is dedicated to give you the classes that you need.

Private classes are offered to big groups or companies to request a separate training schedule and class. These classes are usually taken for team building or skill development of employees.

The following is a large list of the courses available with this provider:

  • Alberta OH&S approved standard first aid, CPR and AED
  • Alberta OH&S approved emergency first aid, CPR and AED
  • Alberta OH&S approved childcare first aid, CPR and AED
  • CPR and AED Only
  • Pet First Aid
  • On-Line WHMIS
  • On-Line TDG
  • On-Line Fire Safety
  • Food Safety Certification
  • Basic Life Support
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • Standard first aid re-certification
  • Childcare first aid re-certification
  • First Responder Training
  • EMT
  • EMR

Best Instructors

Edmonton First Aid hires only the best teachers for all training courses and classes. Instructors are certified by workplace approved so you’re sure to get the best training possible. All instructional classes keep up with the highest standards by the workplace approved as well. The team of trainers in Edmonton First Aid are known for being very friendly and accommodating, so don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need clarification about certain topics.

What People Are Saying About Edmonton First Aid

I took my first aid class thinking it was going to be boring and dry. I was pleasantly surprised to find a fun and interactive class where I actually get to practise CPR and breathe into a manikin. The teacher was very friendly and made the two day course go by so quickly. I strongly recommend. I feel so prepared for any emergency now!

I took my class with Edmonton First Aid because of the price. I enjoyed the class, got my award at the end and the whole process was easy. I learned a lot and got to keep my book at the end of the class. I will be back for more training

Experience what Edmonton First Aid has to offer to you by enrolling in a class today.

Course Content of First Aid and CPR Classes

Participants enrolled in basic workplace approved first aid and CPR training programs will learn about the following

  • CPR and AED for victims of various ages (depending on level of CPR training partnered with the course)
  • Choking rescues for conscious and unconscious victims (full and partial obstructions)
  • Complications associated with CPR and choking rescues
  • Respiratory emergency management (includes emergencies such as shock, allergic reactions, asthma and hyperventilation)
  • Circulatory emergency management (includes emergencies such as heart attacks, stroke and angina)
  • Wounds, Muscular and Skeletal Injuries (includes lacerations, scrapes, sprains, strains, open fractures, broken bones, closed fractures, amputations, punctures, embedded objects)

Learn about these and other emergencies by enrolling in either standard, emergency or childcare first aid and CPR training with this workplace approved provider in Edmonton.

Training room

First aid, CPR, and AED training room

Lowest rates

Training course rates are the lowest in the Edmonton, inclusive of taxes, certificates, and workplace approved registration fees. All training manuals and equipment are also included in the initial enrolment fee. You don’t have to worry about any additional expenses. Should the trainee be unable to complete the training course, full refunds are given as long as the trainee provides a 72-hour notice. The following is a price list of popular courses provided with this Red cross training partner:

  • Standard First Aid, CPR level “A”, “C” or “HCP” and AED – 132.99
  • Emergency First Aid, CPR level “A”, “C” or “HCP” and AED – 89.99
  • Standard Childcare First Aid, CPR level “B” and AED – 132.99

Participants that need re-certification training should contact this provider to ensure that they meet the required prerequisites prior to registering for the renewal course.

Easily accessible and high-end facilities

Training centers are easily accessible by public transportation. Restaurants and shops are also within walking distance. The centers are complete with high-end training equipment for first aid and CPR training, with spacious and air-conditioned classrooms. Edmonton First Aid is dedicated to providing students with the best and most comfortable learning experience.

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Did You Know?


Common signs and symptoms of a stroke are sudden numbness and/or weakness of the face, arm, leg, especially localized on one side of the body, sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding, vision problems with one or both eyes, trouble walking and balancing, dizziness, and severe headache. Participants enrolled in training courses will learn about acronyms such as “FAST” that help with recognizing and managing strokes.

Enrol in a standard or emergency first aid and CPR class to learn more about recognizing and managing circulatory emergencies such as heart attacks, angina, transient ischemic attacks (TIA’s) and strokes.