First Aid and CPR Classes in Coquitlam

The largest Red Cross provider in the Lower Mainland opened a new training location in Coquitlam, B.C. in the summer of 2016. All of it’s core courses are being offered at the training location offered just off of the Lougheed highway. This location offers plenty of free parking, lots of places to eat and enjoy your break / lunch at and has incredibly close proximity to the SkyTrain. Check out the following map for details on the exact location of Vancouver First Aid’s brand new first aid and CPR training centre in Coquitlam:

What’s So Special About This Location?

Many factors make this training location a great spot for you to take your next first aid, CPR, food safe course or mask fit test including:

  • Lots of free above and underground parking right in front of the entrance.
  • Retail style entrance, making it super easy to find.
  • Classes offered at least twice per week plus the opportunity to take your 3M Qualitative Mask Fit Test or Examination from your online course.
  • It’s located on the corner of Burnaby, New Westminster and Coquitlam with super easy access to Lougheed Highway, Brunette and Highway 1
  • It has great access to public transit including a sky train station just a 5 minute walk away.

Who are the Competitors in the Area?

Vancouver First Aid (VFA) has two major competitors in the area with MetroSafety and Safe and Sound located nearby. Both these provider, like VFA, are experienced providers, however, here’s some of the top reasons you should register with VFA instead of Safe and Sound & Metro Safety.

  • VFA offers lower prices on all of it’s courses
  • VFA offers courses more often than the other providers giving you more options
  • VFA has a 100% refund policy (as long as you request it ahead of 72 hours of the course)
  • No other Red Cross provider in the Lower Mainland offers more courses than VFA
  • VFA has a brand new training facility with the latest training equipment

Register for a first aid and CPR course in Coquitlam with VFA and find out for yourself why it’s the leading provider in the Lower Mainland.

Do I have to Do Any Homework Prior to Attending a First Aid Course?

No, you don’t need to pick up a manual or do any homework prior to attending any of the first aid and / or CPR courses in Coquitlam with VFA. Bring a lunch if you don’t want to eat out and wear comfortable clothes.

Are There Any Physical Components to Pass the Class?

Yes, participants need to be able to provide effective chest compressions on a mannequin. It’s not difficult and 99% of people don’t have a problem, however, it may prove to be difficult for some.

Should I Call, Email or Can I Register On-Line?

Any of those options are fine. You can register on-line by visiting the website (click the link above), call (778-709-9180) or email at to register for a Red Cross first aid and CPR course in Coquitlam.