First Aid and CPR Courses in Regina

First aid and CPR training in Regina

First aid and CPR training in Regina

Learn to manage almost any emergency by enrolling in St Mark James first aid and CPR courses in Regina with the most popular provider. Regina First Aid is the most popular provider because of its great teachers, low prices and large volume of available courses. Registration for any course can be completed via telephone, email or on-line registration form. Workplace approved first aid training (standard first aid) is also available and requires two days to complete. All courses include training in the use of automated external defibrillators (AED) and provide successful participants with an award that is valid for 3 years immediately upon completion. Participants can also register for safety training, food handling and re-certification program (check prerequisites prior to registering). You get the best training for the lowest prices in the area. Classes are available throughout the week, and many courses are even available on the weekends. To register for first aid and CPR courses in Regina complete the on-line registration form below, click the link or use the contact details available on this page.

A complete list of classes and schedules may be found on the website. Click here to visit the Regina First Aid website.

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Regina First Aid

Quick and easy enrolment

Enrolment can be completed using the on-line application form below. Prospective trainees may also send an e-mail or give a telephone call. Walk-ins are also highly encouraged by Regina First Aid’s very helpful and accommodating staff, so if you have any queries don’t be hesitated to ask. You can use the following contact details to register for a course:

  • Email Address:
  • Website:
  • Telephone Number: 1-306-988-4432

Training Courses

Lifesaving Society CPR Award Certificate

Lifesaving Society CPR Award Certificate

CPR Training Courses

CPR training courses are offered in three levels: “A”, “C”, and “HCP”.

Participants can register for stand-alone CPR training that is divided into three level’s:

  • CPR level “A” and AED – CPR rescues for adult victims.
  • CPR level “C” and AED – CPR rescues for adult, child and infant victims.
  • CPR level “HCP” and AED – CPR rescues for adult, child and infant victims at a healthcare provider level.

All levels are inclusive of basic first aid and AED training. AEDs are machines able to detect heart rhythms and provide shock during cardiac arrest.

The CPR training course will introduce the trainees to the concept of Basic Life Support (BLS) by the American Heart Association. The BLS guidelines outline the techniques and the pathway used in providing compression’s and defibrillation to victims of cardiac arrest. CPR and AED are part and parcel of the emergency response system part of the 2010 BLS pathway.

Trainees who are able to complete a training course are awarded a workplace approved certificate, valid for three years throughout Canada. Renewal of expiring certificates are offered by Regina First Aid. Participants with valid and current standard first aid, CPR level “C” and / or CPR “HCP” certificates can attend a St Mark James re-certification course with this provider.

Bleeding management

One of topics covered during basic first aid classes is management of bleeding injuries.

Available Classes

The most popular combined first aid and CPR course in Regina is standard first aid. This two-day course meets workplace requirements for first aid training. It takes 18 hours to complete this course and includes CPR level “A”, “C” or “HCP” training. Certification is provided immediately upon successful completion of the course.  Participants enrolled in this course will learn about a variety of emergency situations including:

  • Heart Attacks
  • Angina
  • Seizures
  • Stroke
  • T.I.A’.s
  • Asthma
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Shock
  • CPR
  • Choking Rescues (partial and full blockage)
  • Wound management
  • Skeletal injuries
  • Poisonings
  • Sudden medical emergencies
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Head and neck injuries

These topics and many more will be covered with hands-on training in this course.


Regina First Aid offers trainees the lowest rates for training courses in the area. Rates are inclusive of taxes, certificates, and workplace approved registration fees. All training manuals and equipment used are included in the initial enrollment fee, so trainees don’t have to worry about additional expenses.

Trainees who are unable to complete the training course are given full refunds, provided that the trainee gives a 72-hour notice beforehand.

The cost of a standard first aid course is 143.99 – Taxes, certification fees and manuals are covered in the cost of this course. Re-certification courses are 94.99


A number of training facilities are located in the Regina area, easily accessible by public transport and within walking distance to restaurants and shops. The training centers are equipped with the latest technology in first aid training. Classrooms are spacious and air-conditioned, to ensure the comfort of its trainees.


All training courses are taught by workplace approved certified instructors who are the best in their given fields. You’re sure to get the best training possible with Regina First Aid.

Get a head start on your training today!


A quick and easy method of remembering the signs and symptoms of a stroke can be remembered with F-A-S-T. The signs and symptoms usually show on one side of the person’s body. F-A-S-T stands for:

F – Facial drop – one side of the face is paralyzed or has difficulty moving

A – Arm drift – one arm may drift down or be unable to move when both arms are raised

S – Slurred speech – speech may be incomprehensible (slurred sentences)

T – Time – bring the victim immediately to the nearest hospital or clinic

A stroke victim may or may not show symptoms when having a stroke. If you suspect a person has experienced a stroke, contact emergency medical personal immediately. To learn more about managing and recognizing circulatory emergencies, enrol in a training course with Regina First Aid today!