Available 1st Aid Courses

First Aid and CPR Rescue Techniques

First Aid and CPR Rescue Techniques

Candidates have the option of selecting from a variety of 1st aid and CPR courses. Courses range in length and price based on several criteria. These courses are offered mainly in Canada. Candidates need to be careful that the provider they choose for certification meets government standards. Without meeting government standards the certificate will likely not meet employer or school administrator standards.

Credible 1st Aid Course Providers

Candidates have the option of selecting from dozens of Canadian providers some of which do not meet government regulations. It is important for candidates to receive certification from a credible provider. The following is a list of credible, popular, Canadian providers that offer 1st aid and CPR training:

  • St Mark James Training
  • The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
  • The Lifesaving Society of Canada
  • St. Johns Ambulance

All of the providers offer the same basic 1st aid and CPR courses. The type of course that candidates are required to have is based on employer or school standards.

Available 1st Aid Courses and Programs

Standard 1st Aid and CPR

Candidates can select from a variety of different levels of CPR when taking this course. It is a 14 to 18 hour course that includes certification in AED’s.

Standard Child Care 1st Aid and CPR

This course is offered only through workplace approved training providers. It is similar to standard 1st aid, however, candidates will focus more on child care 1st aid. CPR level “B” is the only CPR option to be partnered with this course.

Emergency 1st Aid and CPR 

This course is one of the most popular 1st aid courses available. It is a 8 to 10 hour course that comes standard with CPR level “A”. Candidates can choose other CPR level’s to be partnered with the course at a additional cost. AED training comes standard with this course.

Emergency Child Care 1st Aid and CPR

This course is offered only through St Mark James. It is similar in content to the standard child care 1st aid course. It is a intensive 8 to 10 hour course that comes only with CPR level “B”. AED training comes standard with this course.

For more information about the different level’s of CPR training select the CPR level’s tab from the main or side menu.

Re-Certification Training:

People that need to renew expiring or expired certificates can do this through most of the first aid and CPR providers. St Mark James is the leader in refresher courses as it has the most open policies to re-certification. In order to be eligible for a renewal / re-cert course candidates must have received a previous award from a credible provider (for participants in Ontario it must be a St Mark James provider) within the past 3 years within Canada. The following 1st aid courses are available for re-certification in most provinces:

  • Standard First Aid and CPR
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR

Renewal / re-certification courses are cheaper and shorter than the original course. Candidates must show previous certification award prior to receive new certificate. Prior to registering for any re-certification contact the local provider in your region to determine if a course is available for you and / or if you meet the required prerequisites.