First Aid and CPR Training Basics: Adverse Drug Interactions Prevalence

For many, adverse drug interaction is not a common occurrence since they think that doctors can prevent this type of medical problem by providing patients and caregivers with all the necessary information that they need to avoid it. However what they do not realize is that despite receiving ample advice from healthcare professionals, accidents which can lead to adverse drug interaction are still very possible and they are actually more prevalent than what most people think. This is why first aid and CPR training is important for individuals who are taking care of patients that are currently taking medications. Here are some of the statistics and studies which showcase the prevalence of adverse drug interaction.

How Prevalent are Adverse Drug Interactions?

According to the numbers that was released by the National Academy Press in 2000, more than two million life-threatening cases of adverse drug interactions or reactions are reported every single year and that it is the cause of more than 100, 000 deaths every year. During this time, adverse drug interactions were also one of the leading causes of mortality in the United States alongside Pneumonia, Aids and Diabetes. In the same report, it was also indicated that more than 350, 000 cases of adverse drug interactions are reported from nursing homes annually. This means that patients who are under the care of licensed professionals can still suffer from this medical reaction.

Is This Prevalence Rate Expected to Rise?

First aid and CPR training in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

First aid and CPR training in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Due to the trends in recent studies, researchers and medical professionals expect these numbers to rise in the coming years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cases of accidental poisoning increased by 160% in 2009 in comparison to the registered number of accidental poisoning cases in 1999. This means that the prevalence rate of accidental poisoning increases year after year. Aside from its prevalence rate, the death rate of accidental poisoning is also on the rise. It has been reported that accidental poisoning claims the lives of more than 87 people per year.

What Is the Drug That Is Most Likely to Adversely Interact with Other Medications?

Even though the prevalence rate of adverse drug interactions are well-documented, the most common drug combination that produces this type of medical dilemma remains unknown. However, many healthcare professionals agree that an antibiotic called Warfarin is one of the most watched out for when it comes to drug interactions. This is because the list of chemicals and medications that can produce adverse reactions when taken with Warfarin is very long.

By taking first aid training, caregivers with no medical background will learn how to deal with these cases properly which ensures that long-term or severe damage is prevented.


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