Archive | December, 2016

Treatment for insulin shock

Insulin shock happens anytime when there is an imbalance between the insulin in the system, the amount food being eaten and the level of physical activities. A person with high risk of insulin shock is a diabetic. Those who are diagnosed with diabetes who are dependent on insulin take injection during the day to manage […]

Treating a pulled chest muscle

A pulled chest muscle is caused by excessive stretching and tearing of muscle fibers that leads to chest pain, bruising and inflammation when it becomes severe. Pectoralis major and pectoralis minor are two muscles found in the pectoral girdle. Straining these muscles will result to chest pain and difficulties in performing regular activities such as […]

Dealing with a first-degree burn

A first-degree burn is an injury to the tissues due to direct contact or exposure to thermal heat such as fire, steam, hot liquids and objects, electrical, chemical and radiation sources. Remember that burns can cause severe pain. Minor or superficial burns can be treated at home. The most common type of burn is the […]

Getting rid of black eye

A black eye is frequently caused by an injury to the face or the head that result to the accumulation of blood and other bodily fluids in the space around the eye. The dark discoloration and swelling of a black eye is sometimes called a “shiner”. Most cases of black eyes are considered as minor […]

How to treat bronchospasm

A bronchospasm is tight contraction of the bronchial muscle which causes narrowing of the bronchi and becomes worse when the mucous membrane is swollen and inflamed. Sticky mucus coming from the bronchial glands can cause obstruction in the bronchi and can be difficult to force out when coughing. Bronchospasm is a common characteristic of asthma […]