Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Advanced Life Support training is a healthcare provider program that teaches trainees how to perform CPR in a clinical setting complete with equipment. Basic pharmacology is also included in the program, primarily focusing on medication used during a cardiovascular and respiratory emergency. Advanced Cardiac Life Support or ACLS is under the umbrella of the ALS program, the other being Pediatric Advanced Life Support or PALS. While ACLS is focused on the management of adults, PALS is focused on the management of pediatric victims.

CPR HCP Re-Certifications

Training equipment for ACLS programs

Signing up for training

Sign up is incredibly easy and simple. You can use the contact details for any of our six training providers and send your application over by e-mail or telephone call. We have providers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Seattle, and Portland. Another way is to visit a provider’s website and use the application form. Just fill it out with your personal details and details about the program you want to enrol in and our staff will contact you.


Our ACLS program is a certificate course for healthcare providers. It runs for 16 hours total, over two days. Because it is focused on management in a clinical setting, the basics of CPR are just reviewed instead of extensively taught. Trainees are then required to have an active Basic Life Support (BLS) training certificate before signing up for the ACLS program. A pre-test – consisting of a practical and written test – are given a trainee who wants to qualify for ACLS training as well.

To become certified, trainees are given a set of post-tests – also a practical and written test – once all the lessons are completed. Once they pass them, they are awarded an ACLS training certificate that is valid for two years. To renew a certificate that is near expiry – not expired – rescuers will have to take a re-certification program. ACLS re-certification is five to six hours long. However, once the certificate expires, rescuers will have to re-take the full program instead of re-certification.

First Aid and CPR Classes in Grande Prairie

Keep your elbows locked when giving chest compressions. Be sure to depress the chest wall by at least two inches and allow for recoil before the next compression.

The ACLS program

ACLS training covers the following topics in its curriculum:

  • Updates in the Basic Life Support guidelines from the AHA
  • Use of equipment such as bag valve masks and automated/manual defibrillators
  • Adult pharmacology
  • Management of airway and respiratory problems
  • Management of cardiovascular diseases such as coronary artery disease and cerebral stroke
  • Team dynamics in response to a code

Training locations

All of our training centers are outfitted with high end training equipment, such as AEDs and adult training mannequins. They are located in easily accessible locations, both by public and private transport. The rooms are quite spacious and air-conditioned to provide the utmost comfort for all our trainees. Students can sign up at any of our following training locations:

  • Los Angeles CPR – Los Angeles, California
  • San Francisco CPR – San Francisco, California
  • Honoulu CPR – Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Las Vegas CPR – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Portland CPR – Portland, Oregon
  • Seattle CPR – Seattle, Washington