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Treating a pulled chest muscle

A pulled chest muscle is caused by excessive stretching and tearing of muscle fibers that leads to chest pain, bruising and inflammation when it becomes severe. Pectoralis major and pectoralis minor are two muscles found in the pectoral girdle. Straining these muscles will result to chest pain and difficulties in performing regular activities such as […]

Getting rid of black eye

A black eye is frequently caused by an injury to the face or the head that result to the accumulation of blood and other bodily fluids in the space around the eye. The dark discoloration and swelling of a black eye is sometimes called a “shiner”. Most cases of black eyes are considered as minor […]


First Aid for Broken Bones

Broken bones and fractures are injuries that need immediate medical attention. Aside from the trauma of bones breaking or fracturing, there are several other symptoms that might manifest. First Aid and CPR courses will teach you what to do to help someone with a broken or fractured bone. Steps in Administering First Aid for Broken […]

First Aid for Abdominal Injuries

Abdominal injuries are often a result of physical, such as penetrating trauma that affects the abdomen. This may often lead to internal bleeding and the exposure of the internal organs of the body to the outside air. Therefore, abdominal injuries are considered to be very serious and are thus, an emergency situation. Emergency medical assistance […]