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Remedies for an enlarged heart

An enlarged heart or cardiomegaly is not a disease but symptom of another condition. An enlarged heart can develop temporarily due to stress of the body from pregnancy or medical conditions such as heart valve problems and coronary artery disease. Symptoms of an enlarged heart Abnormal heart rhythm or arrhythmia Shortness of breath Swelling or […]

How to get rid of pepper spray on the eyes

Pepper spray on the eyes can cause an intense burning sensation in the eyes. The person experiences a “bubbling” or “boiling” sensation and eventually temporary blindness and pain in the eye occurs. It can cause inflammation of the skin and difficulty breathing which is dangerous to people suffering from asthma. The effects of pepper spray […]

Treating lockjaw

Lockjaw is a temporomandibular joint disorder which causes pain in the joint where the lower jaw is connected to the skull. Symptoms of lockjaw Pain in the jaw, ear and face Difficulty chewing or biting foods Headache Difficulty opening or closing the mouth because the joint is locked in place A clicking or grating sound […]

Caring for bleeding tongue

A bleeding tongue causes severe discomfort which makes regular tasks such as eating and speaking difficulty. Biting the tongue strongly or certain injuries to the tongue can result to a bleeding tongue. The tongue is rich with blood vessels and injuries to this area can result to significant bleeding. Treatment for a bleeding tongue Wash […]

How to treat pinpoint petechiae

Pinpoint petechiae are tiny purple or red spots that are caused by damage to the blood capillaries under the skin. The capillaries are the smallest vessels of blood that function by spreading oxygenated blood from the arteries to the tissues of the body and back into the veins. In most cases, pinpoint petechiae are due […]

Treatment for insulin shock

Insulin shock happens anytime when there is an imbalance between the insulin in the system, the amount food being eaten and the level of physical activities. A person with high risk of insulin shock is a diabetic. Those who are diagnosed with diabetes who are dependent on insulin take injection during the day to manage […]

Dealing with a first-degree burn

A first-degree burn is an injury to the tissues due to direct contact or exposure to thermal heat such as fire, steam, hot liquids and objects, electrical, chemical and radiation sources. Remember that burns can cause severe pain. Minor or superficial burns can be treated at home. The most common type of burn is the […]

Healing a broken toe

A broken toe is usually caused by trauma or injury. Performing prolonged repetitive movements causes a type of broken toe called a stress fracture. The affected area of the foot includes the small bones of the toe called phalanges which are susceptible to breakage when exposed to trauma. A toe can be crushed where the […]