St Mark James CPR level “C” (comprehensive lay person CPR) is offered through our training partners. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation level ā€œCā€ teaches individuals CPR and AED procedures for subjects of any age. Participants will also learn how to carry out CPR with victims developing additional complications as well as the utilization of automated external defibrillators (AED). All students which fully finish this class will get a St Mark James cardiopulmonary resuscitation level “C” award that meets a variety of official certification requirements. Scroll to the bottom within this page to sign up for the cardiopulmonary resuscitation level “C” course that suits your schedule. This course is designed for cardiopulmonary resuscitation accreditation solely, no first-aid accreditation is included in the course. Sign up right now to get the very best education at the most competitive prices with our training partners.

CPR level “C” Course Details

Class Duration:

The duration of CPR level “C” is dependent upon the ability, size and training pace of the class. Normally the class ranges from five to six hours.

Course Cost:

Our training partners are devoted to providing the lowest prices. Prices can range from 40 to 70 dollars depending on your region. Payment can be done on-line via email or through phone.

Training course Content:

Individuals signed up for this program will learn CPR and AED techniques for children, adults and infants. Students will learn about basic cardiovascular emergencies, legal issues with doing CPR and fundamental specifics of EMS.

AED Pads Place on CPR Mannequin used for CPR "C" Training

AED Pads Placed on a Manikin used for CPR “C” Training

CPR Level “C” Registration

To enroll into a CPR “C” and AED class with our training partners choose the course date and time from the options below. Fill in the registration content and process your payment to guarantee a place in the course. Room is limited. If you’ve got questions or issues please contact us via phone or e-mail. To register for a CPR level “C” course in your region you can start by clicking here. Courses are available throughout Canada including in Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver, Red Deer, Edmonton, Toronto, Windsor, Halifax, Thunder Bay, Saskatoon and Mississauga.


Most students complete the cardiopulmonary resuscitation level “C” training course without any problem. At completion candidates will receive a St Mark James cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillator certificate that fulfills several certification criteria and guidelines. All awards remain applicable for 36 months. Our training partners also have CPR “C” re-cert classes.

Non-Public Lessons

To enquire about a non-public group or individual lesson call or email us.