First Aid Changes

Along with changes to CPR standards, all of the major first aid and CPR providers have also changed the standards of their first aid programs. Programs such as standard first aid and CPR and emergency first aid and CPR gained the bulk of these changes. All of our training providers throughout Canada adhere to the latest first aid and CPR standards. First aid courses in Vancouver meet the highest standards in first aid training in the Lower Mainland. The same provider also offers first aid training in Surrey. Another provider in British Columbia, First Aid Kelowna, offers the latest first aid and CPR training in Kelowna through St Mark James.

First aid training equipment - Splint

Candidates learn to use splints in first aid training

First Aid Programs

Emergency First Aid

Emergency first aid and CPR went through the largest set of changes for over a decade. The CPR level “A” standards included in the course has undergone significant changes which is mentioned in the CPR changes page. The curriculum in this 8 hour course has gained more material including a stronger focus on wound treatment including amputations and external bleeding with circulatory complications. Candidates will also learn to recognize and treat broken bones, sprains and strains. Most of these additions were taken from the standard first aid and CPR curriculum.

Standard First Aid

Standard first aid and CPR courses did not undergo as many changes as the emergency first aid program. All of the changes implemented into the Emergency First Aid program were also placed into the Standard First Aid course. The bulk of the changes were in the CPR level “C” portion of the course and in the deadly bleeding curriculum. St Mark James has three courses that are exclusively taught by the workplace approved. These courses include emergency childcare first aid, standard childcare first aid and babysitting courses. These courses have also undergone some minor first aid and CPR changes. To learn about all the new minor changes to these skills take a updated Childcare first aid or Babysitting course.

All of the material posted in this page on first aid changes is for information purposes only. To learn, practice and apply these new standards take a workplace approved or Lifesaving Society first aid and CPR course. Learn to save the life of a loved one by taking first aid and CPR training.