Some important facts about CPR certification

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other First aid training programs are becoming quite popular nowadays and have also opened lines for many jobs. No one can rely on 911 alone to save a person suffering from a heart attack or choking, a person may actually die by the time the ambulance arrives. Hence, in these circumstances, training in CPR is fruitful. However, CPR training is not considered valid until it is certified by an accredited institute. It is quiet important that CPR should be done in a effective manner so as to save a life of a person and if done improperly, it may endanger and threaten the life of a person. Certified persons who have undergone CPR training have the proper knowledge and skills about a perfect CPR. This article will describe about why CPR certifications are necessary, their accreditation and about on-line certifications.

Why CPR Certifications are /necessary?

Your learning will be regarded as invalid if it is not certified from a recognized institution who does not maintain the required standards. Although CPR certifications may not be a complete necessity to bring a person back to life but they certainly teach us how to perform the best and effective CPR procedure. However,such certifications are a must if you choose to proceed in the same field as a career. These programs have become primary eligibility criteria in many companies and one needs to go a necessary CPR training to fulfil the eligibility criteria of the organization. CPR is now being practised in schools too and mock drills on first aid and CPR are being conducted for the students.

Accreditation of CPR Certification

Accreditation of such a certification should fulfil the latest AHA/ILCOR guidelines. The instructor who provides you the CPR training should be accredited with any such certification and should also have a good experience in this field.Accreditation of the institution, whether for online or live CPR Certification programs,should always be checked before applying to these programs.

Validity of CPR Certification

Most of these certifications, whether online or normal classroom programs have certification valid for two years after successful completion of the course. The program needs to be re-certified by undergoing few more classes for CPR and learning about advancement in the field.

Online CPR certification

Several popular organizations such as the British and American workplace approved provides with on-line CPR Certification courses, however these online certifications are really not very much appreciated in the professional as compared to live classroom programs world but good for general purposes.

CPR Certification

CPR Certification

Certifications may not be as important as experience in performing live CPR when it comes to handling real life situations. Though it might help in weaving a career in healthcare but hands on experience in performing CPR certainly has more advantages over the mere bookish knowledge of CPR. When it comes to real life situations then there are several technical problems that one may need to resolve while saving the life of an individual for which CPR certifications without an experience actually has no value.


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