First Aid for Childbirth

If your wife or any other family member is expecting a baby, it is important that you are prepared and ready for the delivery. Delivering a baby is not a difficult job; however, it can be a bit exciting. Therefore, it is important that you and the mother do not panic and stay calm. You should not feel frustrated or in a rush as this may affect the baby and the mother.


Preparing to help someone give birth is not complicated. Follow the steps in this post to learn how to assist during childbirth.

Of course, you should not consider personal care as an alternative for expert help provided by childbirth practitioners or doctors, therefore, if it is possible to get to the hospital on time, it should be your first choice to do so. Otherwise, follow the guidelines below:

  • Call an ambulance

The mother will feel great pressure and pain while delivering the baby. During labour, it is ideal that you drive her to the hospital or call an ambulance. Make sure the mother is in the delivery ward as soon as possible.

  • Make the mother feel comfortable

If you cannot take the mother to the hospital fast, start off by making her feel comfortable. Spread some clean sheets on the floor with a few pillows and allow the mother to lie down. Place at least one pillow under the mother’s hip. Make sure the baby does not touch the dirty floor. Support the mother during delivery.

Make sure the mother lies on the floor as the baby can be very slippery and if it slips out of your hands, it will not fall off from a high level. Make sure you are prepared to keep a good grip on the baby but be gentle!

  • Wash your hands first

When babies are born they do not have a good enough immune system to combat infections. This is why the baby should not touch anything but your hands, the mother and the clean bed sheets.

  • Stay alert and keep checking for crowning

As the uterus contracts, the baby is being pushed out. When the cervix dilates or widens, you should be able to see the baby’s crown from the birth canal. The visibility of the baby’s crown is a sign that birth is about to happen very soon.

The head should be clearly visible to you. If, however, the head is covered by a thin membrane, just gently pinch the membrane and twist it a little bit so that it tears. The membrane is the amniotic sac holding the amniotic fluid and the baby. Once this sac ruptures, the baby will move out smoothly.

  • Do not pull the baby!

Remember never to apply too much force during childbirth. The newborn baby is delicate and frail, therefore, be gentle. The baby should be able to move out smoothly as the uterus of the mother contracts to facilitate the movement of the baby.

Simply guide the baby.

  • Stop once the baby’s head is out

The mom needs to stop pushing at this stage and you have to clean the baby’s mouth and nose with a bulb syringe to clear his airways. You may also use a sterile piece of fabric or a clean towel to wipe off any fluid from the baby’s face.

Slip the umbilical cord above the baby’s head if the cord is cuddling his neck.

  • Guide the baby’s shoulders

Again, once the baby’s head is out, do not try to pull it. You just have to gently guide the shoulders out of the birth canal. If there is any problem in doing so, apply some pressure on the mother’s abdomen, right above the pelvic bone to encourage movement.

When the shoulders are out, they baby will simply slip right through the birth canal. Remember that the baby is slippery so you do not want to drop him.

  • Keep both mother and child warm

Place the baby on the mother’s skin and cover the baby and the mother with a blanket. It is important that the baby is kept warm and covered head to toe but make sure the baby can breathe.

  • Do not pull or cut the placenta and go to the hospital

There are few more things to take care of which should be left to the doctor, however, now that the baby is delivered there is nothing to worry about.

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