Have a Safe Walk: Safety Tips For Walking In Traffic

Strolling, brisk walking, or jogging around the neighbourhood is good for your health. Just make sure to ensure your safety. Read on to learn about essential safety tips for walking in traffic.

The health benefits of walking and jogging cannot be overstated. It improves blood circulation and oxygenation. It increases body metabolism. It helps reduce stress and improve emotional well-being. It removes toxins from the body. The benefits of walking and jogging can go on and on. No wonder, a lot of people include these simple exercises in their daily routine. Some would walk or jog around the neighborhood early in the morning; while others do it in the afternoon or at night. When walking along traffic, make sure you are on the safe side of the road or else you’ll end up being a victim of an accident.

Here are some important safety tips for walking in traffic:

1. Stay on the Sidewalk

Whether you are jogging or walking, always use the sidewalk or crosswalks. Perhaps, you have seen tri-athletes or marathon runners using the road. Do not attempt to copy them. If ever you need to walk on a road without sidewalks, walk facing traffic.

2. Use intersections when crossing the road or street.

Crossing at intersections is an important safety tip for walking in traffic. Accidents are more likely when people cross the road at places other than intersections.

3. Stop, look left and right for traffic.

Before crossing the road, stop at the curb and look towards both directions. This signals the drivers that you intent to cross. If possible, use marked crosswalks and follow traffic signals. Make eye contact with the drivers when crossing busy streets.

4. Wear reflective clothing or bright colours if walking in traffic.

You can also use reflectors that are designed for joggers and runners. If walking in the dark, such in the night or early morning, carry a flashlight or luminous warning devices.

5. Stay out of blind spots.

Blind spots are areas that are otherwise not visible to the peripheral vision of drivers. This includes sharp curves, dark intersections and alleys.

6. Keep your kids on the right side away from the road.

Have a Safe Walk

Safety Tips For Walking In Traffic

If you are walking or jogging with your kids, make sure that they stay in the inner lane of the sidewalk. Never allow them to play near traffic or cross busy streets. An important safety tip for walking in traffic is to avoid bringing very young children in busy streets. Instead, you can walk them in the park or an open space free of traffic. Children are very unpredictable. They can just suddenly run towards the road.

These are just few safety tips for walking in traffic. Walking or jogging is very healthy but think safety first.


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