First Aid Training Reduces Workplace Injuries

first-aid-trainingIf there’s a way to prevent injuries and accidents in the workplace, you’d definitely do it without a question. First aid and CPR training can reduce the number of accidents and injuries in the workplace by up to 50 percent. This is the reason why first aid and CPR training course at the workplace is so important.

According to studies, the chances of sustaining serious injuries or deaths in workplace accidents are considerably reduced if every person is trained at how to provide first aid. This does not only apply to workplaces with dangerous nature. Emergencies can occur even in workplaces that are considered “safer.” For example, heart attack can happen in offices. If someone knows first aid, the chances of surviving a heart attack is up by four times; moreover, the survival rate increases by up to 75% in workplaces with AEDs.

Time is essential

In case of emergencies, time is not on your side. Even minute details such as the distance of the nearest first aid-trained employee or the proximity of the First Aid Kit can make a huge difference in the outcome of the victim.

This is another reason why first aid training at the workplace is essential. If everyone knows basic first aid, then initial first aid can come in instantly. No need to waste time waiting for the health and safety officer or emergency services. Preparation and training are the first line of defense in preventing serious complications due to work-related accidents.

Having a first responder right away

Construction sites and workplaces located in remote areas require first aid and CPR training. Since these workplaces have poor accessibility, it can take emergency medical services twice as long to reach the victim. Every minute expended decreases the victim’s chances of survival. Usually, it takes around 10 minutes for an ambulance to respond in urban centers. The estimated travel time for poorly marked places is considerably longer.

Protecting each and every worker

Studies show that workplace safety training can help decrease injuries in jobsites by up to 20 percent. In first aid training courses participants do not only learn first aid skills, they also become aware of how to ensure safety in the workplace. This results in reduced injuries in the jobsite. By minimizing injuries, the company benefits by preventing unwanted costs and increasing confidence among teammates.

Protecting yourself and your workers is essential for the success of a company. Regardless of the size and nature of your company, you should consider incorporating first aid and CPR training courses in your standard safety training.

Train all employees in first aid and see how it can help improve your workplace culture. Contact your local workplace approved chapter now to learn more about first aid training at the workplace.


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